Tales of Womanhood.

The arch of her back

Had tales to tell

Of broken dreams

And womanhood that fell.

The tears from her eyes

Had tales to tell

Of sacrifices made

And life from inside the shell.

Encompassed by bricks

That were long dead

She rowed through life

And kept her hopes fed.

She laughed at her fate

With clowns that cried

She counted her failures

And her innumerable tries.

She lived in a place

Where birds usually screamed

Where mornings were dark

With sorrows that streamed.

There, lived a pile

Of burnt Christmas letters

They were choked to death

But not for the better.

She lived in the future

Where dreams might bloom

And hoped to wake up to mornings

With love in her room.

She sold hollow souls

And bought black stories

Bruises on her mind

Were out of her worries.

She, was a flower

Of the virgin garden

Afraid of being plucked

In the greed of being pardoned.

She wanted to be more

More than just white

She wanted to be colorful

Blissful and bright.

She is a mother

A daughter and a sister

A friend of many colors 

And stronger than a mister.

She is the mine of all the emotions

Of love and fear and rage and lust

She conquers all the odds life throws at her

She is a woman with a heart of trust.


Mayhem And Love.

Eyes shut,

Like realms of two different worlds.

Smoke and dust

Sit on my wounds 

To eye my dying heart.

Asphyxiating soul,

Wails for benevolence.

Blood runs cold

Across the grooves of my temple.

Night strikes darker than usual.

Her touch,

The scent of tranquility –

Where uneven met even,

Where death met hope.

Her eyes, 

Stretches of greenland,

The land of lullabies.

Her smile,

Shines like the hopeful sun –

Where despair met bliss.

Her soul,

Pious and equal –

Where war met poetry.

Her heart,

Magnanimous –

Where havoc met peace.

My defunct skeleton 

Stumbled upon life.

I needed her in the moments

When my fellows perished,

When the universe was colored red,

And ornamented with smoke and dust.

I needed her

To make me feel real,

To make me see the kind

In the cruel.

For she resided in the hearts of all,

An as abandoned feeling.

The girl I met on the long lost road,

Her name was Humanity. 

Dancing In The Grave.

Centre stage she took,

An air of elegance she wore,

Hungry were her eyes.

Red stained lips- 

Wan face. 

breathing in the symphony of flushed air

To the strain of the piano, in her mind.

She stood at pointe.


Moving her hands gracefully 

Cutting through the cold air.

She danced across the room

With measured steps, in silence –

Without a hiatus.

Her mind was spineless

Unable to focus.

Her eyes reflected the echos 

of Utopian days, which had now,

Transfigured into ash.

Touching the cruel bruises,

The bruises of dominating manhood

With her gentle fingers,

She danced with a passion,

The passion of hate.

Twirling and leaping 

With perfect stretches.

Underneath the grace hid

The harshness of suppression.

She danced till her feet

Paralled the hue of her lips – red,

Off the pool of blood 

On the floor –

That streamed out of the 

Black hearted man –

She was once coupled to.

Cold as he was,

She was colder.

Drifting her body into 

Perfect pointe

To the symphony of the cold metal

Striking warm skin,

That looped in her eyes.

Her fingers shuddered then,

But firm now.

She danced across the red floor

Across the land of dead.

Her eyes sunk deeper than her soul,

She was his yesterday

But for the present,

She belonged to herself.

She bobbed around the stiff flesh,

With the elegance of death.

Red stains, all over –

Stains of success,

Of joy,

Of sanity lost.


She bowed at the empty walls.

Lights out.

Her performance was over.


Lost Identity.




Shattered into debris,

Eyes dry in the quest of

My lost soul.


From the cacodemon,

To the divinity.


from the hush of my core

To the cacophony of my eyes.

No drizzle, 

Warmth, no. 

A lonely barren land just –

An empty figure.

Living in Atlantis,

Encountering with ten thousand 

Of my alikes,

Where thoughts are smoke and dust.

Brittle and fragile.


Across galaxies,

In search of myself.

Who am I? 

Is my soul black or white?

Lost and married myself to the unknown.

I am running out,

Running out of psyche.

Recollect my pieces –

Guide me to the route of

My tranquil eyes –

A known self.

The Inconspicuous Warrior. 

When the head’s too heavy to raise,

When the four walls scream

The tales of your solitude

Eyes chase your soul –

That hides, that is fearful. 

Dust and lines make up your existence.

Be your bulwark,

For the wind is wild.

Strengthen your roots

For you create,

And nurture,

And annihilate.

Give voice to the words unuttered.

Be the man in the garden,

For there’s a nation of trampled grass

Behind you. 

Be the lioness of the wild

For the lion capitultes before her.

Be the scarred beauty in the dark

When stars ornate your presence. 

Be a warrior, shield,

The land of the forbidden angels.

Rise from the debris,

Into the proud sky.

Rise, yes rise,

Above the man. 

Chaotic Silence.


Before they surface,
The monsters,
Blooming like flowers
In the garden of my conscience,
Love me out
Of this chaotic silence.
All I ask is for a shelter
Under the warmth of your words.
A star named after me –
Something to look up to.
For this hush
Is anarchic.
Drizzle the symphony
Of vehemence into
The welts of my soul.
Love me until you run out of reasons.
Lips sealed, while your heart
Screams for my rescue.
Your presence –
Something dreams cannot envisage.
Storms of bliss,
Rejuvenates my ash blood.
Take me away,
Far into the woodland of my crux,
Away from the chaotic silence.

The Broken Sky.


Under the infinite stretch of blue,
The sun charred our impossible tale.
The lost stars wailed ash tears.
The moon, quiet,
Overshone by the sun.
The sky, once complete,
Was broken then.
Distanced by the valley of bondages.
Holding onto the eroding hope,
We breathed the drizzle of strength
Into the sky
Of dominant love and beauty.
You were the black
To my white.
Showcasing my worth,
Attempts failed,
By the brightest star –
The sky screamed a hurricane
Crying tears of victory.
Drenching our souls,
Of love,
Back to life.
Paving our route to escape,
The broken sky.